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TYPE: threads
ID: 1944
POSTED: 10 months ago

Biafran Rants

A thread specifically created to hold rants against the agitation for Biafra and especially Nnamdi kanu's IPOB group
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ID: 1951
POSTED: 10 months ago
#biafrans #biafra #ndi_Igbo From the bottom of my heart let me say this you guys are falling my hand like seriously you are even falling your own hands! First of all what where you guys expecting from the Biafran agitation? The Nigerian government will one day get tired of your rants and give Nnamdi kanu a map and tell him to draw where the borders will be? You did not anticipate that the people you call animals in zoo will actually resist? That they will say no? For crying out loud this is a movie that has played out once and you mean no one is learning from experience? How in ...View full
Teresha  EPISODE 1*** The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed t