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POSTED: 5 months ago

Consciousness Conscience and consequences

This Thread contains the content of the book called consciousness conscience and consequencies. a book that tries to logically explain karma from a story kind of perspective. A Man was kidnapped...
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POSTED: 5 months ago

  That is what this Is all about, a topic I wrote on facebook that got me in a near death situation. The funny thing is there where just a couple of likes and one share on the post, and I was pretty disappointed, But you really don’t know those that read your posts and you really don’t know why they like them. I didn’t realize this until one faithful day.

I wanted to take a taxi ride home like I always do. The usual thing is you wave down a taxi, get in , the diver tries to make a conversation with you based on what he feels you are worth, you come down at your destination, get your change and that is it. But on this this faithful day things went a little differently, In fact things went way too differently. I got in the cab only to perceive a strong odor that I was not familiar with, in a matter of seconds I felt really sleepy, the last thing I remember seeing is the face of the taxi driver, but I am not sure if it was a face I saw or a mask.

I woke up feeling tied, tried to look around but my head was covered with a plastic bag. I was totally confused and the sound of a language I was not familiar with did not make things any better. The people around most have noticed that I was awake because someone approached me and removed the plastic bag from my head. What I saw did not help to lessen my confusion, I was in a poorly lighted room with four white men, one was seated across to me looking at me squarely. The other three where around the table and they seemed less interested in me. I tried to move but I was seriously duck-tapped to the chair, Guess the movies where right about the strength of tapes after all. Then I looked back at the man sitting across the table from me he was still looking at me squarely, That made me kind of uneasy.

The one seated said something in a language I still don’t know, the only thing that I could tell is that their language relied heavily on the consonant “R”. The other three left the room left the room without a word and for some reason bolted the door behind them. I was left with the one who was still staring at me, he seemed to have some weird interest in me. I was still as confused as ever but he put me out of my misery.

“Do you know why you are here ?”, That is what he said, and I was relieved that he spoke a language that I understood, but I was really surprised at the fluency with which he spoke. I obviously had no idea of why I was there and there was only one possible reply.

“No”, I replied. But he seemed not interested in the reply and continued.

“You are a philosopher right? ”

“No people just think so “

“so what are you?”. I really pondered on the reply to that what am I?

“Let’s just say one guy with a lot of weird thoughts”

“And do you believe in those weird thoughts? “

“Yes I do”. That touched a nerve but I didn’t know it back then. The man got up and I saw his full form for the first time, was kind of lanky but he had a great figure. He approached and sat right in front of me still gazing deeply into my eyes, they were very intense.

“So you believe that life is fair ?”. I didn’t know where that came from but there was never a point in my life that I said life is fair and I made that clear to him.

“I do not believe that life is fair and I …”. A punch with so much power landed on my face, the pain was intense, I felt my cheeks getting wet, It was my own very blood. That is when it downed on me that I was in a seriously deep shit.

“So are you disclaiming what you claim to believe now?”.

“There was never a time that I stated or believed that life is fair” I repeated even though I knew it would probably cost me another punch. He wanted to deliver it but stopped mid way, he looked deep in my eyes and a smile came to his face. I didn’t know what was on his mind but I knew it couldn’t be any good. He walked back slowly towards the position he was before and back faced to me.

“You have no idea what you are into” he said in a rather unnerving tone, he turned round and there he was holding a gun, It definitely was a gun , it had the trademark of a short narrow and pointy cylinder.

“You are so close to been dead” he had his seat “Unless you give me a reason not to kill you”

“I don’t understand”, I said in all honesty, at that point I actually didn’t.

“There is a facebook post you wrote a couple of years ago about the fairness of life to everyone, it was pretty convincing”

 At that point I thought maybe it was all a big joke, someone kidnapped me and is about to murder me because of something I wrote on facebook? Seriously? The only thing that seemed off was the man’s eyes, they were intense and i could see pain in them. I was indeed about to lose my life over a facebook post I wrote a long time ago. But the fact still remains, even though I have written hundreds of posts on facebook none of them states that life is fair, so how did this fellow get to this conclusion? I was still pondering on this when he interrupted my thoughts, he was back in his seating position with the gun carefully placed in front of him on the table.

“I was a big fool believing your thoughts, they somehow managed to make me believe that life is fair” he looked away from me and the pain he felt was more visible.

“I believed no one would hurt me or my family, all I had to do is to kill no one and be good to everyone”, at this point he picked up the gun and pointed it to me.

“But I was wrong, so wrong. A mob opened fire on my house and killed everyone I love” his eyes were filled with tears, the Gun was pointed at me but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Then I could feel the pain he was feeling.

“I was such a fool, I even had the opportunity to kill the bastard that did all this yet I didn’t. I was weak and pathetic”. He looked up at me with eyes filled to the brim. “And all of that is about to change”

The Gun was still pointed at me, but for some weird reason it was the last thing I was worried about.

“I have brought you here to show you the unfairness of life. I am going to kill you unless you prove to me that the death of my family is fair”

I was very sure at that moment that he felt like he was going to kill me in a matter of minutes I on the other hand felt like I was about to give the lecture of my life. I just sat there or rather tied there looking straight into his eyes, his pointed hand was not wavering at all.

“So let me get this straight, you are going to kill me if I don’t prove to you that the death of your family is fair?”

“Yes ”, he replied and cocked the gun or so it seemed. “And please choose your next words very carefully”

Teresha  EPISODE 1*** The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed t