In the Beginning... In the beginning there was a being, And the being was a part of many, And the being was conscious of himself, And the being discovered the beginning, Naturally the beginning came with its twin and opposite, the end, And the being was troubled in his heart
Something about life And there was a road in the desert, The way of the distant wonderers A tree grew by the roadside The travelers stop by and squeezed out water from its trunk To replenish their souls On a certain day, Four travelers where on a long journey Going their own ways separately
It could be you That is what you should always have in mind When you wake up in the morning Many lie on sick beds Many die tragically It’s not their destiny It’s just a game of chance It’s all probability Uncontrolled events Something happened A tragedy that left y
Determination He wants to drill through a rock, The size of a mountain, And the only tool he is got, Are his teeth, But with determination, He will succeed. Determination is his strongest help,  With determination he will one day get there, Even if all his teeth get broken, With det
Disclaimer like Prologue This has been at the back of my mind for a while now and I have been debating within myself if I should let it out or not, But now I have realized one thing, as crazy as it may be to people around me, This is actually what makes me who I am. The entire c
A little about Destiny There was once a sage who said he could tell destiny And a young man wanted to test the wise mans wisdom, He approached the wise man with a twig in hand Placed it behind and asked the sage to tell the fate of the twig Either he was going to break it or cast it away He i
The two worlds We are a part of two worlds, Two opposite one to the other, One is the realm of the physical, The other is the realm of the unseen, In the realm of the physical, Nothing is perfect, Science rules, Physical factors influence all. In the real of the unseen, Everything is
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The Wicked You enjoy the practice of evil, Your favorite hubby is breaking hearts, Your happiness is in the agony of others, Everyone around are jut pawns on your chess board, You don’t mind to poison the world to have your way, Your conscience is dead and long gone, A human’s
Beliefs Your thoughts are your inaudible words, Your imaginations are your thoughts wondering away from reality, Your beliefs are facts you accept as the truth to guide your thoughts, You are what you believe, So watch what you believe, For if they are not based on the truth,
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The end There will definitely be an end if you believe in the beginning, For the sun that definitely rise in the morning, Will set in the evening, But no one has seen the birth of water, And no one will definitely see its death, And when we talk about death, Do you think it is
When you have it all The worst thing you can ever ask for, Is to have everything you desire, Get everything you want, Have everything you please, Cause when you have it all, There is nothing to want, And that is the beginning of your end, For you can only be doing two things, Growing or dyi
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Fear It’s quite fun chasing a rat, Because it would run in fear But what if the running rat turns around, And stares at you in the face? The rules change, Before it was fun, Now you maybe thinking of a bite, What has the rat gained? Absolutely nothing, But w
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Good and bad Every thing with an advantage has a disadvantage, Evil is good because there will be no good without it, Heaven is bad because it does not have an address, Hell is good because it is a perfect place to throw all you enemies Hatred is good because without it there will b
Mr/Mrs Right Are you looking for Mr/Mrs Right? Then you have a lot of work to do, For Mr/Mrs Right is not a commodity, You go to a shopping mall to get, And the most annoying part of it all, Many do go shopping for it, Mr/Mrs Right is a human like you, With opinions and emotions of
Conscience A judge within, A part of a being, You have a conscience when you are conscious, To tell you what is right or wrong, But a conscience has size, You can’t compare murderers to babies, But who needs a conscience, If you can still do what your conscience tells you not to
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Love Love is an emotion, That puts others higher on your list of priorities, It is in different forms, But all are basically the same, Just in different flavors, Love is what you feel for your mother, And also what you feel for your spouse, The only difference is, What you f
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perspective Some call it half full, Others call it half empty, And a rare collection says its middle way. What you see depends on you, It’s a function of you in the inside, The positive minded see it as half full, The negative minded see it as half empty, But there
The truth and lies The truth and lie are two crossroad signs, Saying opposite things, The difference is, One is leading you rightly, The other is leading you wrongly, But how do you know which is right or wrong? That is one of the greatest questions. And no one has ever been able to give
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Teresha  EPISODE 1*** The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed t
Purpose Man is man Because he was born without purpose, but the truth of the matter is, He can’t live without purpose, For every man shall find a way that best sooth him, Or live the life of a shadow, For without purpose your soul is dead, You art like a dry le
Self-centeredness In the world that we are today, Everything is all about I, I want to get there, I want to have it, Even if I give you, It’s the one I don’t want, And it is at a price, For you to respect me, Even the society of today, Is built on individual goals, Self centeredness
My say on the biafran Agitation #biafrans #biafra #ndi_Igbo From the bottom of my heart let me say this you guys are falling my hand like seriously you are even falling your own hands! First of all what where you guys expecting from the Biafran agitation? The Nigerian government will on
Money The most famous god, The root of many evils, But one thing people never realize, Is that money has never stopped being a colored paper, For money is a slave, To send around in work. Or can you buy a thing, If the owner does not sell? Many have stripped the slave, And gi
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The real woman She is nothing to right home about, Though she is the author of the home, She is worried about her family, While the family don’t worry about her, She is the true mother and wife, She is full when her offspring her, She is the least appreciated of all the types, Caus
Sin What is sin? Some say anything against the law, But didn’t someone write the law? Some say anything wrong, Then what is the definition of wrong? A man walking along a road saw a duller bill, He wanted to pick it up but did not because he felt it was wrong, Another cam
Animals & Man Ever seen a lion chasing an Antelope? The later is fleeing for its life, While the former is only going after a meal, That is the way it has always been, That is the way it will always be, It’s just the carnivore’s way, And the herbivores don’t seem to mind, It al
Existence Have you ever wondered? How life got here? How was the earth born? How there came to be light? How the world was born? How existence came to be? Many have diverse answers to t his question, Yet we still seek for them, Because we realize, They don’t quite fit, But ther
Success Success ranges in degree, Yet all of them get the same satisfaction, You get satisfaction when you climb Everest, And you also get satisfaction when you take a bottle of beer, But there is just one type of success, That people look for, And that is the success that has