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ID: 1688
POSTED: 2 years ago

My collection of poems

This Thread contains the collection of poems and short writings i have compiled over time. They are meant to be thoughtful and deep. Please enjoy. Image cutesy of Flickr
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ID: 1694
POSTED: 2 years ago

In the Beginning...

In the beginning there was a being,

And the being was a part of many,

And the being was conscious of himself,

And the being discovered the beginning,

Naturally the beginning came with its twin and opposite, the end,

And the being was troubled in his heart about the brothers,

The same way we are today,

Wondering about the brothers,

But if only he had looked back at the time he hadn’t met the two,

He would have found the solution to the problem we all ponder today,

The quest for our beginning,

But maybe he did,

And the answer lies in the secret place of the most highs,

Ponder upon this,

And unlock the beginning.

Teresha  EPISODE 1*** The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed t