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ID: 1899
POSTED: 1 year ago

Yinka's Insanities

This is a broad collection of stuffs i wrote to help me and others understand Life
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POSTED: 1 year ago

Disclaimer like Prologue

This has been at the back of my mind for a while now and I have been debating within myself if I should let it out or not, But now I have realized one thing, as crazy as it may be to people around me, This is actually what makes me who I am.

The entire content of the writings I classify under the title “My Insanities†is entirely generated at the back of my mind and does not have anything to do with anything out there. This is all pure fiction and I believe it should be treated like so. Just look through it and let it be a subordinate in your thoughts helping to provide alternative perspective to your own Opinions. If it somehow manages to get hold of the steering wheel of your thoughts welcome to my world.

I honestly believe that there are only two truths in this world. That the Being part of us is not the same in everyone but is equal in all ramifications and that we get the consequences of our actions. The only reason I believe this two things to be true is not because they have been proven to be absolute truths but simply because I believe life in itself will not be worth living if this two things are not true. Not that there are no absolute truths like for instance two plus two will always equals four (Is that an absolute truth ?) but I like to accept the fact that there is no truth. when you don’t have absolute believe in any one point of view you become more susceptible to opinions with better logical backings. Every point stated in “My insanities†have passed through a lot of arguments (with myself) and have remained the most logically plausible opinions that I possess at the moment of writing based on the information I know. Will know why I said the last partxx shortly.

We all have the problem of incepting very little information from the much we are given and of the few that we incept only a very little fraction is utilized, I on the other hand have this problem on a whole new level. A book only last on my reading table for as long as it can prove something is absolutely true, and I usually don’t make it past a fourth of most of them before I get bored. I have not been able to go through most established works and for this reason the majority of what I write may come in conflict with some of them , I still hope someone out there finds it useful though and that is all that matters.

This work is organized into minute sections that can be read on their own but they do have a unique order. Each section may be the start of a book(more like a thread) or part of a book. A section may be in part of more than one book i.e a section may be the 9th section in book one and may be the 3rd in another book. I created a website that can make this easier to handle, hope to launch it soon.

Lastly I am really really sorry about my Diction, It would sound fun to say that English is not my first Language but sadly it is. Happy reading to you !

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POSTED: 5 months ago
This Thread contains the content of the book called consciousness conscience and consequencies. a book that tries to logically explain karma from a story kind of perspective. A Man was kidnapped... View full
Teresha  EPISODE 1*** The breeze blew gently on her skin through the opened window as she peeped outside. The moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the shining stars, they seemed t