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ID: 2196
POSTED: 4 months ago
A collection of posts on True Artificial Intelligence View full
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ID: 1963
POSTED: 6 months ago
This thread holds the most awesome screen shorts found all over the Web! View full
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POSTED: 5 months ago
This Thread is a collection of opinions from all around the web on the advancements that man has made towards creating true artificial Intelligence. To participate please add an entity to the opinions sub-thread indicating your opinion at the end of your posts, your opinion should clearly state how close you think man is to achieving true Artificial intelligence from a scale of one to ten where an opinion of 1 indicates that you believe we are not close at all and 10 indicating that we have achieve true Intelligence. The openions will be collated by the thread admin into the main post that i View full
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ID: 1987
POSTED: 6 months ago
collection of topics denoted by a single thread, for the currently trending topics on popular social media sites like facebook, twitter and Instagram View full